Personal Qualities (PQ)

Responsibility, Leadership, Respect, Organization, Honesty, College Readiness and Maturity, etc

  • How can I develop my curiosity, open-mindedness, and sense of passionate inquiry?
  • How can I demonstrate respect for myself and others?
  • How can I practice stewardship and caring for other people, my own health and wellness, my work, and my environment?
  • How can I better organize my time, money, and other resources?
  • How can I be responsible and trustworthy?
  • How can I be positive, amiable, focused, and contribute to a productive group environment?
  • How can I empathize more and express my compassion for others?
  • How can I be courageous, show initiative, and be more willing face my fears and take risks?
  • How can I practice perseverance when things get frustrating or difficult?
  • How can I take on more leadership?
  • How can I cooperate more with others?
  • How can I enhance my community through my service to others?

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